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Repairs in GRP/Fibreglass, Composites and Plastics

We have been called upon to repair all manor of items in Fibreglass and Plastic.   And apart from the uneconomical , we can proudly say we have repaired every item to a high quality

Motorhomes are something we see a lot of . Body damage to the plastics or GRP panels and the shower trays inside. we have repaired and refinished as good as new

So many items in GRP have been repaired by us including motorhome, Truck Panels, horse lorries, Bumpers,  Kit Cars,  Race Cars, Motorbikes, Trailers, Caravans, Fuel tanks, Boats, Jet Ski, Kayaks, Test Equipment and the list go on and on

We can also , more often than not, Refinish your item as well

just a few examples -



Ford Transit based Motorhome- Accident damage, panels obsolete so we manufactured one new panel and repaired the other panel that was damaged. Refitted and refinished the bottom half plastics 



Horse Ornament with minor GRP damaged Repaired and Refinished

Static Caravan Shower -remoulded from plastic into GRP



JCB  Engine cover , made in Plastic . plastic welded ,GRP strengthen, prepare and primed ready to paint

Lotus Elan Accident Repair


Caravan Rear corner repair, Plastic repair and refinished


Caravan Rear Corner Repair, Repaired and Refinished

1997 Fiat Ducato Motorhome - Rear and side Plastic damaged beyond repair so we manufactured new in Fibreglass from the damaged panels




Mercedes ML Rear Bumper - Repaired and Refinished

Theme Park Bumper boats - Repairs and refurbishment




 Honda Front Bumper Plastic Repair And Refinish


 VX220 Accident Repairs


 '07 Peugeot Motorhome - rear bumper re-manufactured from old pieces and Refinished















Motorhome Shower Tray remanufactured from Plastic into GRP



1972 Bedford CF Ice cream body refurbishment, some very poor previous repair to sort out





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