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Moulding, Tooling,Production design and manufacturing

To Replicate multiple items in GRP requires mould/tooling to work from . We can take your idea from Concept  to production. We can design a master prototype, produce the tooling and manufacture the item.

Alternatively we can just do any one of these processes - For Example , lets stay you want to make a motorbike fairing- we can make a Master Prototype , trial fit and test, make the tooling and produce the finished product. Or lets say you already have made or acquired the motorbike fairing and would just like us to make the tooling or manufacture.

Some Examples of tooling/mould we have undertaken

ERF Classic lorry Step, Repair original step then took a mould from that to produce a new one

Carbon nose cone mould for single seat race car, made as a two part mould and resin infusion carbon fibre

wall display of a fishing boat for local gallery

One piece camper van unit moulding

Production of Minari Sport car panels from customers Original Minari moulds


RS200 Kit Car Nose cone, repaired and moulded



Classic motorcycle nosecone

Prototype masters for industrial boiler casings



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